Blogging and Social Media Coaching for Chiropractors

My name is Dr. Eduard Burt, D.C. and I have been in active practice for 14 years. I manage six offices in a Greater San Francisco Bay Area and work three days a week. In a past 14 years I have applied the same organizational skills and marketing techniques in my practice as I did when I was in a student clinic in Las Vegas with Dr Tim Francis.

My first chiropractic business success story starts when I was at a student clinic. We were given 15 months to finish all of the student clinic requirements. By applying my chiropractic skills and marketing techniques I was able to finish all of the requirements in six months. The rest of the nine months I was able to practice with a licensed chiropractor and build up my patient base prior to my graduation. My small practice at the time helped me to pay rent and pay the bills right after graduation. Time was clicking as the first student loan payment was due in six months.

In 2001 I have graduated from Life Chiropractic College West and began working in 2 locations as an independent contractor. Within first couple of years of practice my six figure student loan was paid off. At that point I became completely independent from a chiropractor and office procedures that he depended on.

About 8 years ago my son was born and working 5-6 days a week in 2 offices was not an option anymore for me. I wanted to spend the valuable time with my son but at the same time I was looking for a way to see more patients and working less. A research for an ultimate practice has began where I was able to work less, see more patients, and take home more of what I have earned. I have done an extensive research without a help of an outside Coaching or Consulting Services.

About 5 years ago I have built my first Word Press Blog which is exactly the same blog you are currently reading. I have decided to keep my active practice blog and coaching under the same roof. This will actually serve as a proof that unlike many other coaching or consulting services by many large and small companies out there my coaching and consulting services are real and will be presented to you as a 21st century practice marketing conditions dictate and the cutting edge practice management techniques at the minimal cost and a maximum efficiency.

If you are a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Physical Therapist, Medical Doctor, Osteopath, Massage Therapist, or other health care professional who wants to become a top performer in their field this service is for you. I am an experienced, results-oriented and an active chiropractic practitioner who can teach his clients how to set a goal, use 21st century modern office procedures and the most important social media strategic-based marketing procedures.

My future clients will improve upon the following areas:

  1. Work Less
  2. Take Home More
  3. Seeing more Quality Patients Using 21st Century cutting edge Social Media and Blogging Techniques which I am currently utilizing at my own practice
  4. They want to have more than one or two ways working right now to get new patients.
  5. They want to learn how to maximize each tactic so that each one achieves maximum strategic objectives.
  6. Current Social Media and Marketing Strategies will leave competition behind and you will be able to set your own price because you will be number one in your town.
  7. Enjoy Your vacation and let the practice run on auto pilot.
  8. Working ON a business not IN a business.
  9. See #1 and #2

This economy demands that you limit mistakes and capture market share. Nobody understands that better than me as a local based business owner in health care industry. With 14 years of business experience I know I can help a health care professional like you to understand how to dominate your local market share, expand sales, become organized, and run paperless office. Above all, results are the only things that matter. In May 2010 my first 4 blog posts were published. My practice has grown since then at a rate about 150%. My practice did very well through a recession.

In 2015 our office stopped accepting private insurances offered in a State of California.

In April of 2011 I wrote a post in Dynamic Chiropractic Magazine “Chiropractic Blogging and its impact on a Practice Growth.” That post was written only after a year of blogging and using Social Media.

My caring and entertaining style will enable you to be motivated; even if you are a person who feels that they could never reach their goals. The mission is simple, to create a long-term dynamic relationship with my clients to help them pursue the life and practice of their dreams. Each program is 100% custom-made for each individual client. I only accept a certain number of clients at one time to share my blogging and social media chiropractic experience and only available when I am not with the patients. There are no contracts for my professional service.