Chiropractors and Marketing

Chiropractic Marketing is very important. Whenever someone looks for information on Google he or she hardly ever goes past first page of search results. That is why it is important that your online chiropractic brand be found on a first page of populated results.

Your potential new chiropractic patients behave the same way. When they’re looking for a chiropractor or relief from pain, they’re looking at that first page of Google search results.

That’s where chiropractic SEO comes in. Search engine optimization is the process by which we get your Chiropractic WordPress blog to rise up the organic search rankings for keywords related to your geolocation and chiropractic services that you are providing. The goal is to achieve the first-page rankings when someone is searching for a chiropractor in your area. The goal here is having your new potential chiropractic patients call you and not 10 other chiropractors around the block.

We have developed a systematic process for doing this and we’ve done it many times. As a matter of fact I am currently utilizing these techniques in my own active practice and achieving great results. I offer my clients only what works best in a current market and has been proven to work many times over.

Our chiropractic SEO campaigns include the following:

Keyword research
Creation and on-page and optimization website copy
Tag and technical website optimization
Establishment of online directory listings and social media
Optimization of these listings and accounts
Blog posts
Regular social media posts
Ongoing monitoring and optimization SEO campaign
Monthly reporting

What can I gain from content marketing?

For starters, content marketing allows you to boost the number of pages you have on your website—letting you target more keywords. By targeting more chiropractic related keywords, you can rank for more chiropractic related keywords. Since 90 percent of search engines users never even surf past the first page of search results, ranking for a large number of keywords is critical for getting organic search traffic to your website. The more traffic to your chiropractic website the better ranking it will have during search results.

Second, creating great, relevant chiropractic content will encourage people to link to your chiropractic WordPress website. Marketers sometimes call this creating “linkbait.” Having high quality links from other online sources to your chiropractic WordPress website will help search engines view you as an authority—allowing you to place higher in search engine results than equally relevant content.

Third, content marketing is a less expensive and more effective means of attracting your target audience than more traditional forms of marketing. Traditional forms of advertising like TV commercials, print advertisements, and Web ads interrupt what your audience is doing (watching a TV show, reading a magazine, surfing the web, etc.). And most people have learned to largely ignore this type of advertising. With content marketing, your audience is already actively seeking information or services through a web search. Rather than interrupting them, you are giving them exactly what they want, when they want it.

Finally, in addition to driving traffic to your chiropractic website, content marketing also gives you the ability to establish yourself as an authority in your industry. This builds better customer loyalty, which can translate to repeat business and new patients referrals.

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How Can Virtual Chiropractor Consulting Help Your Local SEO?

At Virtual Chiropractor Consulting, we offer many services to help your business’s local SEO, including:

Local Citations:
– Auditing citations
– Creating new citations
– Discovering more local citation opportunities
– Managing and monitoring local listings

Localizing Website Content:
– Auditing your website for local SEO keywords
– Creating geo-target web pages
– Optimizing geo-specific location pages
– Enhancing your site’s code with Geotag data

Google+ Local:
– Auditing your Google+ Local page
– Editing your Google+ Local page
– Optimizing your Google+ Local page
– Improving your Google+ Local page

Yelp Local:
– Auditing your Yelp Local page
– Editing your Yelp Local page
– Optimizing your Yelp Local page
– Improving your Yelp Local page

SEO campaigns must be diverse and adapt to the ever-changing search engine landscape. To do all of this stuff yourself would be a full-time job and that’s assuming there’s no learning curve.

SEO for chiropractors is a long-term commitment, but it’s also your best bet for increasing your audience and ultimately achieving the lowest patient acquisition cost.

After all, if you’re not on that first page, you may as well be invisible.

Do you want to increase your visibility? Increase your traffic, your call volume and your number of chiropractic new potential patients leads? Is it time to get your chiropractic practice moving?

Make the investment today and it will pay off tomorrow. Your cost for this service is $2500. Expensive? I do not think so. One Personal Injury case in a State of California with $5000 medical payments policy will cover this cost very quick. Imagine that you are getting 5 or 10 cases like this a month. You do the math like the Applied Kinesiologist Dr. Timothy Francis did.