Chiropractic Marketing with Email Signature

The days of snail mail communications with patients, insurance adjusters, attorneys or any other important contacts in your email database are long gone. Email has become one of the most important tools for communication and marketing in chiropractic practice. However, it is wildly underutilized in our profession. Besides sending regular emails for communication purposes any office should be using their email list database and promote chiropractic office to that list. Chiropractic Digital Newsletter or New Office Special would be a great example. Your blog is the center piece of your online marketing efforts. Whatever you publish on your blog can be automatically send to your email list. It is crucial to collect email addresses from all of your new and existing patients. It is your most valuable digital asset. When you send your new blog post via email blast you are achieving 2 goals. Number one you are sending traffic to your website and number two this traffic will boost up your Google ranking. I am a bit off the topic here but would like to touch just a bit about email possibilities.

You are probably wondering why would email signature would be so important and how can it help to market chiropractic office. I have been in business for over 14 years now and counting. Over this length period of time I have seen many different types of email signatures including emails without any signatures at all. Some emails looked plain and simple with just name and phone number and some with just a large photo and name on it.

21st century chiropractor must have an email signature that includes as much information as possible but at the same time looks clean and professional. An email signature must include your name, title, name of your chiropractic office, office address, , your email address, website URL, main social media channels such as – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +, YouTube and RSS feed.

All of this possible with with an awesome Chrome extension I have been using Wise Stamp for at least 5-6 years and can definitely say that it is the best customized Email Signature on a market. Wise Stamp will make your email shine weather you send it to your patient or a new personal injury attorney. Each email is a virtual opportunity to make your online presence known to others. Above is an example of my outgoing email signature.

Things you can do with your custom Email Signature:

1. With customized signature you can add link which can lead to your landing page. That landing page could be new patient special. This is one more virtual step that can help you build your practice. Be creative here and possibilities are pretty much limitless. is a short link URL that allows you to track your promotional activities online.

2. Add a link of your blog to your email signature. The more additional traffic you can send to your chiropractic blog the Better Google Search Ranking your blog will have. As a result – your blog will appear on a first page of search results. Your blog is one of the smartest things you can include in your email signature because it provides valuable information to those who are seeking this type of information and it gets updated on regular bases. A dynamic nature of a blog will constantly deliver a new content to your readers. Of course that depends on how much time you are willing to spend on writing educational blog posts. Your Wise Stamp will have an option of including RSS feed of your blog. Any new content that you publish on your chiropractic blog will show up in your email signature. The best part it will automatically update itself when a new post is added to your blog.

3. Add social media channels. I have mentioned a list of main channels in this blog post before. You can also see a list of my social media channels in a image above.

4.You can add to your signature any specific events that will be taking place at your chiropractic clinic. Let people know about it via your email signature.

5. Have specific chiropractic case studies that you would like to share via your email signature. Add a link and let your recipient take a look at your work of art.

Wise Stamps also offers quotes, disclaimers and may other customized little things that your email shine. Below is a video presentation and example of my email signature. This video is also going to serve as a tutorial on how to set up your custom chiropractic email signature. Shoot me an email and let me see your digital signature.