Dr. Timothy Francis DC

Renowned chiropractic care expert Dr. Timothy D. Francis, DC, holds a Diploma from the American Academy of Pain Management and the College of Physicians, a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Nevada-Reno, Master of Science in Bio-Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, Doctor of Homeopathy from the British Institute of Homeopathy, and a Doctor of Chiropractic Care from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic Care. Dr. Francis is also a fellow of the British Institute of Homeopathy and a certified neuropath by the American Neuropathic Certification Board.

For over three decades, Dr. Francis has garnered extensive clinical and teaching experience in applied kinesiology and chiropractic care. In the past, he has served as an associate instructor for the International Council for the International College of Applied Kinesiology based at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic Care. Throughout his illustrious career, he has participated in several research studies in organic chemistry, homeopathy, and, eye anatomy. To date, he has written over 30 published papers.


At the moment, Dr. Francis spends his time between teaching advanced kinesiology and running his private practice – Chiropractic Kinesiology. His clinic focuses on the use of unique holistic technologies to provide personalized patient-centered remedies. A globally respected kinesiology expert, he treats patients from countries across the globe including the United States of America, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Apart from his extensive teaching experience across the globe, Dr. Francis has a strong reputation that also stems from the fact that he carried out a pioneering study focusing on homeopathic muscle and organ remedy correlation for which he was awarded the Alan Beardall Memorial Award. He currently holds a fellow, diploma and doctorate in homeopathy.

You can find Dr Timothy online at YouTube (Mobile Youtube), Facebook (mobile Facebook), Wellnew.com and EIN News.

Homeopathic medicine is used to treat a wide range of ailments including varicose veins. This is a circulatory ailment that usually arises when blood pools together and stretches veins – bringing them above the surface of the skin. It is a hereditary ailment that typically affects women. The main problem with this ailment is that it usually ends up weakening the valves that regulate blood flow into the arteries. When left untreated, this ailment can induce ulcers and lesions. One homeopathic approach to treating varicose veins usually involves the study of a patient’s personal traits and their overall condition – bodily, chemically and emotionally. A homeopathic remedy is then usually chosen that closely fits all the symptoms identified after the study above has been conducted. In most instances, homeopathic solutions usually provide a holistic solution to wellness that are different from the standard medical treatments that just focus on the symptoms that can be identified.